Hi there, You can call me Vol~

This is my art blog!

If you do request something please don't have it be something I do all of the time, lets make it fun for both of us!

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My girls

Instagram ghouls and style messing with

Armin, did that boy from the flower shop stop by to see you again???

If you dont like Connie I literally cannot help you, i dont know how, look at this precious human princess

ooooooh my gosh i just found such a lovely artist im like instantly inspired like w O a h follows *q*

dumps this here

why are you so difficult to draw òvó

late night chats with friends always lead to shit like this

May not be super into homestuck anymore but i always related to dirk a lot

Fionas, a lil one finding a magical sword for the first time on her own, and one with Cake