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If you do request something please don't have it be something I do all of the time, lets make it fun for both of us!

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Ironically I have an effect on kittens where they always fall asleep on me and in the most inconvenient ways possible. They get pretty creative about it, too.


cuties sharing food

cuties sharing food

asanoya will slowly take over this blog probably

It’s two am gurgles

last prompt for the 69 min things for today, tomorrow i’ll remember all 3 so i dont have to crazy rush to try and be punctual haha

forgot the yowapeda 69 min prompt was up too sweats nervously

and part two of the doodles for the 69 min thing on twitta haha

one of my doodles for the free! 69 min thing on twitta

theme tonight is senpai+kouhai

Anonymous asked: Kaneki ken! Please draw evil kaneki!


I just googled the name bc idk anything about them and doodle something off images i saw, hope i didn’t mess him up aaa??


The Princess and the Archer

Genderbent versions of my and Percy’s elf characters because they are my life.