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If you do request something please don't have it be something I do all of the time, lets make it fun for both of us!

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Haircut time, gonna make a day out of it

dumps my instagram stuff from the day here

  • me: hmm i'm starting to think putting cannibals in my game was a bad idea
  • mom: and why is that
  • me: they're talking to my daughter

space prince thing

Someone uploaded the frames to Pearl singing Strong and I drew a few bc pearl [heart emoji]

okay but see the problem here is that no absolutely not that is not a good thing at all and not something i ever will/should be positive about

there is a HUGE difference between marketable and strangers on the internet taking my hard work and dedication and reposting it or stealing it

thats not something to be proud of people wanting to do and honestly??? i have extremely high anxiety and i already have more than enough stressors in my environment to turn my hair white
and the fear that just because my art is good and i have a talent that strangers will automatically start disrespecting me and stop regarding me as a person is horrible and quite honestly so sad

i shouldnt have to be GLAD that i dont think my skills at arent at a point worth stealing
because its stealing
and its hurtful

And that is so awful and disrespectful and honestly i cannot fathom why people do things so horrible to artists or why the majority of us even bother putting up with that rudeness on the internet just because were marketable

and im sincerely sorry if i seem really heated about this but the fact is that i am because this is a very serious and touchy issue and very close to me that causes me stress and fear more often than not so i get a little intense talking about it

my biggest fear is that people would steal my art and no one would inform me about it or get them to stop and then im like lol thank god my art is not good enough to be stolen but the anxiety is still there

kenhina kindergarten request doodle!

request: monsterboy & nonbinary angel

Sorry for the absence and thank you everyone so much for following me !!

I’ve been without wifi and then power so now that its back i’ll be uploading art again ; u ; still no digital though, my computer is broken still