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If you do request something please don't have it be something I do all of the time, lets make it fun for both of us!

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dear diary

I made an idol oc bc im listening to cute pop songs„.., i want her to have a group rlly badly #oc #scribs

True struggle is loving a character design and hating the character

haven’t drawn homestuck in forever but cute witchy gfs

don’t feel bad for koi its her fault

dont draw stupid hours like me you end up delirious thinking about volleyball eating more corn dogs that you really should be

sports anime ruined my life
bonus tiny kenma with a coffee

callmekitto asked: Where is there a free! 69 min?

This is the one I follow!



six selfies meme or something?? got tagged by the cutie alex 

I dont usually post pics of me to this blog but look i memed


cuties sharing food